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Your IP Partner in Global Marketplace

Creation, management and protection of intellectual property and transferring them successfully into the business life, that is, converting the same into a rewarding commercial value chain, are essential in order to get the upper hand in today’s highly competitive business world.

Claudia Kaya
Branch Manager & IP Consultant

Before this assignment, Claudia was a managing consultant at our group company by leveraging her experience and expertise with the global IP matters, foreign business and legal and social communities to help DESTEK provide efficient IP service to its clientele worldwide. She speaks German, English, French and Turkish; also had qualification in Latin.
T : +41 41 767 36 38
M: +0041 78 631 09 14
F : +41 41 767 36 37

Markus Dormann
Administractive Council Attorney at Law

Markus has worked with clients in most sectors but his present portfolio includes companies across a wide range, including finance, aviation, public certification Markus has strong communication skills and is adept at negotiating settlements of conflicts. He is highly skilled in consulting start-up companies. He speaks German, English and French..
T : +41 41 767 36 38
M: +0041 79 687 25 65
F : +41 41 767 36 37